The Beringen Coal Washing Plant

The coal washery is the largest industrial heritage building in Flanders and has been in decline for 30 years. Het Vervolg, partner of transit_LAB, together with the Limburg miners and heritage associations, opposes the demolition. In the summer, transit_LAB took two remarkable initiatives to achieve a sustainable future for this monument. 1/ the co-production of the photo exhibition and book TRIAGE that (finally) places the problem in its correct international context and 2/ a study commissioned by the owner of the building towards a vision and sustainable redevelopment. The study itself has not (yet) been released by the client, because of the disruptive nature of the vision and solution. But the potential to realize a ‘world project’ in Beringen that can play a major role in making Flanders more sustainable has been demonstrated. But then the technical content of the building must be preserved: urban mining is the future!