The Beringen Coal Washing Plant

The Coal Washing Plant in Beringen is the largest industrial heritage building in Flanders and, despite being protected as a monument, has been neglected for 30 years. Het Vervolg, partner of transit_LAB, opposed the demolition, together with the Limburg miners and heritage associations. In the summer of 2021, transit_LAB took two remarkable initiatives to achieve a sustainable future for this monument. 1/ the co-production of the photo exhibition and book TRIAGE that (finally) places the problem in its correct international context and 2/ a study for the owner of the building towards a vision and sustainable redevelopment: TRIAGE².

The photo exhibition is now on an extremely successful international tour. You can order the catalogue from vzw Het Vervolg.

You can download the TRIAGE² study here (English version).

We note that be-MINE / LRM, the owner-developer of the building, has taken the actions of the population and the study of transit_LAB so seriously that completely new plans are being developed. It seems that the coal washing facility, including the essence of the production process, will be preserved and integrated in a route that will be accessible to the public and into an ambitious project to link industry and nature.