The alternative to incinerators and landfill sites!

Our society is facing a big challenge in terms of materials recycling. Transit_LAB has the solution! WASTE REFINERY  is an (adapted) application of reliable mining technology.

The WASTE REFINERY is a high-performance separation and purification installation which extracts all usable resources from domestic waste.
On the one hand, there is the calorific fraction, a fuel comparable to coal, made from the high calorific fraction of this waste. It can serve co-incineration or other energetic processes like syngas production.
On the other hand, all recyclable fractions are brought back to the economy as raw materials.

WASTE REFINERY was developed in 2013 / 2014 by transit_LAB for an Intercommunal society for domestic waste processing in the Czech Republic and is promoted on a global scale by the cooperative company transit_LAB together with IPAS.

This new technique is above all economically and ecologically stronger than current techniques: low investment, low cost, positive return for mankind and the environment. Transit_LAB believes that this will be applied globally and is preparing for an industrial application of the project.

The main advantages:

  • An investment cost of 10 % of a classic incinerator, using solid, tried and tested technology.
  • A cost between €35 and €56 / tonne, excluding the valorisation of materials and fuel.
  • A maximal and direct recycling of materials.
  • Control on all environmental side effects.Transit_LAB is looking for industrial investors in this project.

This project is developed together with IPAS   www.ipas.world

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